ORASUL INTERZIS Chinese Restaurant Bucharest

ORASUL INTERZIS Chinese Restaurant Bucharest Address:
   Str. Silvestru, nr. 3, Bucharest

0720 993333




"Orasul Interzis" is a luxury Chinese restaurant which has as a purpose the satisfaction of its customers through an unforgettable culinary experience. The restaurant is decorated in an Asian style, therefore it gives the feeling of harmony and refinement. The ground floor and the first floor are organized in such a way as to give our customers the desired privacy by a number of snugs, but also in larger spaces suitable for any type of events.
The key element of "Orasul Interzis", are the Chinese chefs who ensure the authentic Chinese menu. Each month they bring new specialties to the menu so that you can try the true taste of China. The recipes are specific for all four Chinese regions. In Zhejiang, the focus is set both on food preparation and on food decoration; in Guangdong the recipes are based on sea food, chicken and pasta; in Sichuang, the food is very spicy and in the North, they are famous for their pastry of which the well known 'spring rolls'.
"Orasul Interzis" hosts private and corporate parties, business lunch/dinners, it organizes workshops, meetings and other such events.
Cease the opportunity to be part of this unique culinary experience!




1 Sophia 24 May, 2012 la ora 17:15

Foarte frumos restaurantul iar mancarea nemaipomenita!Recomand cu incredere

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