Wellness Club DAIMON Bucharest

 Wellness Club DAIMON Bucharest Address:
   Calea Piscului, nr.10, Bucharest

0731 300 833




Located downtown, close to Tineretului Park, Daimon Club"s fitness/ gym is welcoming you if you want to keep in shape or to improve your body condition. The personal trainers offer you a customised nutrition and training program which will lead you to your desired results.
The gym"s surface is 400 sqm and it can serve up to 150 people at once, being equipped with cutting-edge LIFE FITNESS equipment.
You will be permanently assisted and monitored by our professional trainers welcoming you daily between 09:00- 22:00. Our aerobics program offers various programs, such as: BODY PUMP, PUMP, KANGOO JUMPS, FITNESS TONE, COMBAT, BODY SHAPES, MIX WORKOUT, STEP AEROBICS, YOGA, PILATES, ZUMBA provided by our accredited trainers.
In the spinning program we are using stationary bicycles forcing the cyclists to an intense physical effort.
Daimon Club has got an indoor pool (20m *10m). The conditions offered are at the highest European standards, the pool being equipped with permanent water filtering and recirculation systems, whilst air purification is ensured by an automatic acclimatizing and de-humidification unit. The water temperature is 28-30 degrees Celsius.
Throughout the summer we offer special deals for our outdoor pool and children under the age of 5 get free access.
A massage and sauna session is always welcome after a few hours of workout in our gym, to get you relaxed.
We also offer dry sauna sessions if you want to choose a general revitalisation of your body.




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